The LNG Tank 7 and New LNG Jetty Project of MLNG at Bintulu was named The Proposed PETRONAS LNG Tank 7 Piping and Associated Facilities in Bintulu, Division Sarawak. This project is in-line with the development of the Train 9 Project at the same MLNG Facility in Bintulu which is build a new LNG Storage tank and its associated facilities including onshore piping facilities, a new LNG jetty and a new loading structure at the new jetty topside to be integrated to Train 9 production facility. The introduction of this Project aims to reduce berth utilization and berth occupancy rates of the existing LNG berth, to increase LNG product storage buffer capacity, to provide flexibility in jetty/berth maintenance and to allow for the ability to load the LNG product into Pacific Max Class carrier.


Petronas LNG Tank 7, Kidurong Bintulu